How Do You View Dow Jones History by Date?

How Do You View Dow Jones History by Date? provides 100 years of Dow Jones Industrial Average data using date sliders, and lists a link to the chart on its home page. Many financial websites, such as, also list historical stock index data by specific dates, and offer many other analytical options.

Click the Dow Jones 100 Year Historical Chart link on to see historical Dow Jones data, and use the sliders at the top of the chart to pick specific dates. Use the Log Scale and Inflation-Adjusted options to change how the chart displays historical data. The Log-Scale option uses a nonlinear scale to display data, and the Inflation-Adjusted option matches historical prices to current dollar values. These options make it easier to visually compare historical fluctuations to current fluctuations that have much higher absolute values.

On, click the Dow Jones link on the main page, and then click on the Customize Chart link to select specific dates. provides Dow Jones data from 1985 onwards. Use the various customization options for extra analytical success, such as the Simple Moving average, which shows an average price line, and the Relative Strength Index, which shows stock index momentum. Use the Comparison option to compare the Dow Jones Average to other stocks or stock indices.