What Is the Dove Soap Company?

The Dove soap company offers beauty and hygiene products for women and men. The company goal is to provide products that improve skin and hair condition, and promote confidence.

Dove began a beauty and self-care line in 1957 with the beauty cleansing bar. The company aimed its product toward women and promoted it as a cleanser that cleans better than soap, while containing moisturizers to leave the skin soft. The popularity of the cleansing bar inspired the company to produce other products, including body wash, lotions, deodorants, shampoos, conditioners and hairstyling products.

The company boasts that each product makes a woman feel healthy, beautiful and good in her unique skin. Dove creates advertisements that encourage women to embrace diversity and reject apprehension about their looks. The company aims to make women feel strong and gain high self-esteem by using Dove products. The target consumers include women of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicity and lifestyles. Men's personal hygiene products are also available from Dove. Dove claims to create different products for different skin types and needs. Some products contain extra moisturizers for severely dry skin, while others boast a clean, but soft feeling for those with oilier skin. The company embraces diversity by developing a message that encourages consumers to celebrate differences.