Where Do I Donate a Television to Charity?

Many charities accept televisions and other electronic items as donations, ranging from national organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army to local charities. The process of the donations varies, depending on the size and the policies of the charitable organization. Calling local charities in one’s area is the best way to determine where to donate a television for charitable purposes.

Many charities arrange for trucks to drive through neighborhoods to pick up household items that people no longer use. Some charities only pick up clothing and small household items such as microwave ovens, while others pick up televisions and other items that one person can lift. Visit the charity’s website, or contact them directly to find out if televisions are allowed. If so, schedule a pickup time with the charity and set the old television out front on the day the truck is scheduled to come by.

Other charities, such as Goodwill, have stores that sell donated items in order to raise money. Goodwill stores allow donors to drop items by the store in exchange for a donation receipt. Typically, donations such as a television can be dropped off at any time of day, but only drop off during business hours if a donation receipt is required.