How Do You Donate Old Phones?


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Individuals can donate their old phones to charities and recycling centers. Charities often put the old devices to use by sending them to soldiers overseas or by providing them to low-income families.

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Many charities accept old cell phones as donations, including Help Soldiers Call Home. This charity provides cell phones to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan who are not able to use their own phones. The organization gives these old phones to the soldiers with a certain amount of talk time. As of 2015, the charity has donated more than 150 million minutes to soldiers.

Another charity that accepts old phone donations is Help Seniors and Abused Women Dial 911. These phones provide a safe way to dial 911 and receive emergency help for those who can’t reach their home phones or cellphones. In an emergency situation, Individuals might not have immediate access to their phones, and these organizations make phones available at various distribution centers.

For people who want to dispose of their phones because they no longer work, recycling is a good option. This helps preserve the environment and keep the electronics out of the trash can. Individuals can either place the phones in a home recycling bin, have them picked up with other electronics or drop them off at a local recycling center. Many cities have conveniently placed drop-off locations.

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