How Do You Donate Clothes to Charity?

To donate clothes to charity, sort and wash the clothes, package them for donation and take them to the charity of your choice. If you want a tax deduction for your donation, research the value of the used clothes, and get a receipt.

  1. Sort and wash the clothes

    Sort used clothes before donating them to charity. Discard items that are permanently soiled or that cannot be repaired. Only donate items that are in wearable condition. Wash all items before donating.

  2. Research the value for tax purposes

    If you want a tax deduction for your donation, use a value guide such as the one provided by the Salvation Army to determine the value of your donated clothes.

  3. Package the clothes

    If you are donating a lot of clothes, separate them by type, putting women's, men's and children's clothing in different bags.

  4. Donate the clothes

    Take the clothes to the charity of your choice, or arrange for pickup at your home. Get a receipt for tax purposes. Entering a city, state or zip code allows a person to find the nearest location for a drop off center on the Salvation Army website. To schedule a pickup, the person enters the zip code of the area, the items to be donated and the date of the pickup. Goodwill provides a locator at the top of its homepage for finding the nearest donation center. It also provides donation drives at nearby stores for more convenient drop-off locations.