How Do You Donate Books to Schools?


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Donate books to schools by contacting a book donation charity, finding a list of schools accepting donations through ReaderToReader.org, or purchasing books for a teacher on DonorsChoose.org, as of 2015. Another method is to reach out to local educational institutions directly, and ask about the need or process for donating books.

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Organizations such as the American Library Association and First Book work with many different schools and educational institutions to provide books and other materials to underprivileged students across the country and commonly accept book donations for their programs. In some areas, they also work with other smaller entities to facilitate reading education and may be able to direct donors to the appropriate channels to donate books.

ReaderToReader.org maintains a list of public schools that run book donation programs, which includes links to external sites with information about the programs when available. Each school has its own process and requirements for book donations, which may include collecting books for donations to other organizations, such as charities and homeless shelters.

DonorsChoose.org allows teachers to create publicly available funding requests for classroom supplies and materials, including books. Donors are able to create an account through the website, access the donation request list of a teacher, and purchase the items to ship directly to the classroom.

Many schools may not have an official donation program but remain open to accepting books, which may fall under the purview of a librarian or the principal.

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