Why Don't Companies Want to Hire Seniors?


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Some reasons companies are less inclined to hire seniors include outdated skills, a perceived lack of flexibility, higher expected pay and less commitment to a job. Older workers seeking new jobs are more likely than younger workers to face prolonged periods of unemployment and pay cuts at new jobs.

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The increasing pace of technology has made it more difficult for many older workers to adapt to changes in the workplace. Many positions increasingly require an understanding of new tools, such as computer programs and social media. Older workers who have been in the same position for many years may lack these skills, and many companies perceive seniors as less flexible and more resistant to new technological developments. Companies may also perceive these employees as more difficult to train in new procedures.

Many seniors, especially those with advanced degrees and high levels of experience, may be rejected from jobs due to their expectation of higher pay. Whereas younger employees are often more willing to work for less, experienced workers may expect salaries that are out of a company’s price range. Companies are often hesitant to hire older workers who accept lower pay, because there is the perception that these employees may leave for another position if they are offered a better rate. Employers may also expect seniors to be less satisfied in a new job and more likely to quit if a better opportunity appears.

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