How Do You Find Dog-Friendly Houses to Rent?


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You may want to look in the classified ads posted by pet advocacy groups for single-family rentals, Zillow suggests. Obtain references for you and the animal, and understand the concerns of a potential landlord when it comes to renting to someone with pets.

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Landlords of single-family rental units may be more likely to rent to someone with dogs because they typically don't have policies regarding pets, Zillow points out. The local humane society and other pet advocacy groups usually list pet-friendly homes for rent on their websites. You can also check with breed advocacy groups or animal rescue shelters for recommendations on rental units that may be friendly to a certain breed.

If you know real estate agents, resident mangers or rental agents who understand the importance of pet ownership, check with them for leads, Pet Finder suggests. Community rental books generally available at the local grocery store or around newspaper distribution boxes may also list pet-friendly rental units.

Obtaining proof that you're a responsible pet owner may be helpful in your cause. A letter of reference from your current landlord and a letter from the pet's veterinarian stating that you're consciousness about your pet's medical care are also good ideas. Documentation that the pet has been neutered or spayed and vaccinated against rabies may subside any concerns by the potential landlord, Pet Finder advises.

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