What Does DOE in Reference to Pay Rates Mean?


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When regarding pay rate, the term DOE means that the wages for an advertised position depend on the applicant's experience. The business typically includes this statement in the announcement for the job without a noted salary; however, in some cases, the business may post a pay range.

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When someone seeks a job, he may choose between job postings on a number of different criteria, but benefits and wages are generally what the job hunter looks for. Some job descriptions may note the pay as competitive, others may note it as DOE, which means that the pay is based on how much qualification the potential employee has. The employer works within a salary range but usually pays more to a candidate with better qualifications.

When a business posts an open position without a noted salary, it allows the business more leverage when it comes to salary negotiations. Posting a position with a salary range allows the business to weed out the applicants who may not find the highest wage rate acceptable. The range of wages increases as the level of the job opening increases. For example, an executive in a corporation receives a salary in a wide range, and entry-level employees of the business receive wages in a lower range.

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