What Is the DOD Civilian Pay Scale?


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The General Schedule Pay Table is the primary civilian pay scale used by the Department of Defense. There are other pay scales that the Department of Defense uses in certain situations, but they are all based on the General Schedule. This pay scale is updated annually and can be found on the website of the federal government's Office of Personnel Management in the Pay & Leave section along with past pay scales, as of 2015.

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There are many other localized variations of the General Schedule Pay Table. Localities that have their own pay scales include Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Boston, Massachusetts; Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California. These localized pay scales are created to help offset the increased cost of living in their respective areas.

The Office of Personnel Management also develops special rate tables, which are pay scales developed for jobs or locations that struggle to fill open positions by providing higher pay rates. These special rate tables can be found using the search engine available on the Special Rate page of the Office of Personnel Management website. Special rate tables can be searched based on occupation, location and employing agency, and they include pay rates up to 30 percent above the General Schedule Pay Table.

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