What Documents Should You Never Shred?


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Documents that should never be shredded include birth and death certificates, Social Security cards, ID cards and passports, and business licenses. Vehicle titles, will documents and insurance policies should also never be shredded.

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Because certain documents need to be stored for long periods of time, it is important to never shred them. While some can be scanned onto a computer digitally, keeping physical copies of certain documents is a must. In general, anything that corresponds to federal or state matters should be kept in the physical and not discarded. This can include certifications, deeds and licenses. Not only is keeping these items physically maintained important, but replacing them can be a hassle and can also be a lengthy process.

Creating a storage place or finding a spot to keep these documents is a good idea to not misplace anything. In terms of keeping up with obtaining recent versions of documents, Social Security statements, annual insurance policy statements and retirement plan statements should all be kept up to date. Another good idea when deciding what and what not to shred is thinking about how long it will take to replace said item. Further, if a document is able to be viewed online, it is probably okay to shred it.

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