What Documentation Do You Need When Purchasing a Mobile Home?

What Documentation Do You Need When Purchasing a Mobile Home?

When buying a mobile home, necessary documents include mobile home title, bill of sale and home occupancy documents. Different states require these and other documents to be in the owner’s possession, instructs SFGate Home Guides.

Most home owners opt for mobile homes because they are cheaper compared to other types of dwellings. Since they are not permanently fixed to the ground, they are generally classified under chattel. Because of this method of classification, buying one calls for documentation similar to that of a car. Since they are also considered as shelters, a number of certifications are required in most cases, explains SFGate Home Guides.

Mobile homes are not classified under real estate, so their titles are similar to those of automobiles. As a matter of fact, these titles are given by departments that deal with motor vehicles within the state

in which the mobile home is located. These titles must be signed by both the buyer and the seller, in a similar manner to selling a car, states SFGate Home Guides

The bills of sale acts as evidence of sale since it usually shows sales of personal property. It must also be signed by both the seller and the buyer and must be provided by the seller. Some states such as California require a home occupancy document. This is also provided by the seller. For safety reasons, most municipalities and states have it as a requirement that fire safety inspection documents are available, explains SFGate Home Guides.