What Is a Document Specialist?

Document specialists, also known as clinical documentation specialists or technical writers, produce materials, manuals and guidelines for companies to use as promotional materials or for in-house use or training. Document specialists may also be involved in the editing of existing documents on file. Furthermore, a documentation specialist analyzes the audience, crafts the right message, distills the message into effective documents, releases the documents and evaluates results.

Writing is the major means of distilling messages, TechWriter elaborates. Documentation specialists use their understanding of design and technology to attain excellent results. The roles they perform include being an editor, copywriter, content author, bid writer, technical writer, process analyst, instructional designer and Web designer. Some specialists have training and experience that allow them to carry out multiple roles. The key competencies of the ideal documentation specialist include skills in writing, editing, interpersonal communication principles, technology, visual design and production.

Technical writers create easy-to-understand documents for staff, customers and other parties. They typically work with industry specialists and work in the information technology industry. They produce materials, such as manuals and guidelines, and edit documents.

Document specialists in the health care industry are often referred to as health care information technicians and are responsible for data entry of patient files, billing information and patient treatments. Medical coding and transcription are also responsibilities of document specialists working in hospitals, medical offices and insurance companies. Document specialists are typically required to obtain a degree in English, communications or a nursing-related field.