What Is the Doctors on Wheels Organization?


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The Doctors on Wheels organization is a type of medical practice model where the medical professionals travel to the location of the patient for the purpose of providing the patient with medical care. The United Kingdom, the United States and China have companies and organizations that operate under the title or business name Doctors on Wheels, but each is an independent and unrelated business or government entity.

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Doctors on Wheels in the United Kingdom focuses on providing a range of employment-related medical services that are convenient to deliver by traveling to the location of the patient. For example, in the United Kingdom, certain types of commercial drivers must obtain a medical exam each year. Doctors on Wheels arranges to meet the driver at a mutually convenient location and provide the physical exam. Doctors on Wheels of the United Kingdom also offers randomized drug and alcohol testing for employers to give to employees directly at the place of employment.

In the United States, USA Doctors on Wheels is a traveling medical service based in North Texas. USA Doctors on Wheels caters primarily to the elderly and injured who otherwise might have difficulty traveling to a medical appointment. Primary services included provide planning to prevent falls, wound care, respiratory care and the coordination of any ancillary services, such as social and psychological services.

Doctors on Wheels in China is a government-sponsored service that brings doctors to residents of rural areas of China. The goals of the program is to lower healthcare costs and to save rural residents the long trip to healthcare providers in distant cities. The traveling doctors receive resources and mentoring assistance from doctors in more urban areas.

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