How Do Doctors Get Rated by Healthgrades?


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Healthgrades ranks doctors by patient satisfaction and experience matching, according to the company's website. Patient satisfaction is a rating from one to five stars based on patient surveys. Experience matching shows how closely the doctor matches search criteria for a condition, procedure or specialty.

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How Do Doctors Get Rated by Healthgrades?
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The patient satisfaction rating shows how likely a patient would be to recommend a doctor to friends and family, states Healthgrades. Clicking on a provider's patient satisfaction section displays additional ratings for survey questions regarding the office's cleanliness, the staff's friendliness and professionalism, ease of scheduling, and total wait time. The survey also asks about patients' trust in the doctor, how well she explained the diagnosis and treatment options, how well she answered questions, and if she spent an appropriate amount of time with patients.

Experience match is an aggregate rating from one to 100 of up to nine components relative to search criteria, explains Healthgrades. Some of these components are conditions treated, procedures performed, overall patient volume, and volume of patients with a condition or procedure related to the search. The data comes from medical claims or the provider. Other components include the provider's degrees and certifications, and validation that she is free from sanctions, board actions and malpractice claims.

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