How Do You Find the Best Doctors in the Local Area?


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Effective ways to find competent doctors in the local area include searching on local business review sites, physician directories and doctor rating sites, as well as reaching out to friends and family for personal recommendations. After a potential doctor has been found, check her credentials, visit her office and talk to her to determine if she meets your needs.

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The process of finding a new doctor begins by creating a list of potential candidates by searching through directories to find physicians practicing in the local area. Sites such as USNews.com and BestDoctors.com maintain lists of highly rated and revered medical professionals, including tools for searching according to gender, specialty or language. Also, try searching on local business directories, such as Yelp.com, as they provide access to private practices as well as doctors working at various hospital and medical facilities. Yelp features reviews from past patients, which helps identify doctors that go above and beyond to provide service and those that maintain subpar standards.

Also ask personal contacts for recommendations, as this adds a higher level of trust to the feedback and allows direct inquiries about the doctor. Ensure the doctor has current accreditation and no pending litigation against her, then schedule an appointment to meet. Inspect the practice to ensure it is clean and properly supplied, then ask relevant questions.

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