How Do You Find Doctors Who Handle Workers' Compensation Cases?


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Whether workers' compensation patients may find and choose their own doctor depends on the state. Some states require employees to use a provider chosen by the employer or the insurance company, explains Disability Secrets from Nolo.

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Patients may notify their primary care physicians of a work-related injury and ask for referrals to a provider accepting workers' compensation, according to Nolo. Workers' compensation insurance may not cover medical treatment provided by a physician who is not approved to provide appropriate care. When injury first occurs, the patient should notify the employer of the injury so medical billing can be completed properly. Patients should verify employer, insurance and state requirements to determine how workers' compensation doctors are chosen or seek advice from a workers' compensation attorney.

Not all health care providers accept workers' compensation cases for ongoing treatment although most states allow patients to see a physician of their choice for the first visit, states Nolo. Patients may be required to change physicians after the first appointment to a physician within a network chosen by the employer, insurer or the state. Most states allow patients to change physicians and require the original physician to complete paperwork transferring treatment to the new provider.

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