How Do You Find Doctors Who Accept Medi-Cal?

How Do You Find Doctors Who Accept Medi-Cal?

It is possible to find doctors and clinics that accept Medi-Cal Managed Care health insurance by searching on the website for California's Department of Health Care Services. The search tool also allows recipients to find hospitals and dentist offices that take Medi-Cal insurance.

Navigate to the Health section of, and find the Medi-Cal Managed Care pages. Click the hyperlink titled "Find a Doctor or Medical Clinic." Narrow the search by the national provider ID or by using other search criteria. When you click Search by Other Criteria, a drop-down menu appears that lets you search by the headings of Doctor, Hospital, Medical Clinic, Dentist or Dental Clinic.

Select the word Doctor on the drop-down menu to find several search parameters, including geographic factors such as street address, ZIP code or an entire county, instructs DHCS. Narrow the street address and ZIP code searches to doctors within a 5- to 50-mile radius.

Optional searches on the state's website range from a doctor's specialty to the provider's preferred language. Doctor specialties include family practice, general practice, internal medicine, Ob/Gyn or pediatrics. Choose from one of 12 preferred languages such as English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian or Vietnamese. Search for a provider's last name or any words in the name using the drop-down menu and the fill-in form.

Click the blue Search button in the lower-right corner when finished making the selections. Results appear in a list that includes the doctor's name, address and phone number.