What Are Some Facts About Doctors?


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Doctors attend to people who are sick, diagnose the illness, prescribe medicine and offer options for treatment of ailments. Doctors also give advice to patients on topics such as how to maintain a healthy diet or exercise regimen.

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To diagnose an illness, doctors uses their scientific knowledge and training to figure out what is causing a patient's ailment. During this process, doctors examine patients physically, listen to them as they describe their symptoms and run the necessary tests to complete the diagnosis. There are many kinds of doctors, and during studies in medical school and internship, many doctors train to become specialists in a specific field. Such doctors become experts in specific practices such as surgery or treating children, or they concentrate on dealing with certain types of illnesses, such as cancer or infectious diseases.

Medical students spend much more time training than those studying for other professions. Before adding up any extra training time required for specializations, future doctors spend 11 years in training: four years of college, four years of medical school and three years of internship. For some specialties, doctors require an additional eight years of training in a hospital before they are considered ready to practice on their own. In college, future medical students study biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and English to get a solid educational base for their future studies.

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