What Are Some Diversity Issues That Can Be Found in the Workforce?


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Examples of diversity issues that can occur in the workforce include current employees disagreeing on political, social or religious matters, as well as employees belonging predominately to a single race or ethnicity and excluding other employees on this basis. Other issues may include discrimination against current or potential employees due to gender, sexual orientation, age or physical status.

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Many of the diversity issues that take place in the workforce involve underrepresentation of certain parties in a specific industry, company or sector. For example, many types of occupations consist predominantly of men, creating a lack of gender diversity through a failure to hire more women. Similarly, numerous areas of the workforce lack diversity in race and ethnicity, specifically with some companies failing to hire employees that are not Caucasian in origin. The same may occur for certain age groups, typically skewering older in many industries, as well as people with physical or disabilities.

The other common diversity issue relates to discrimination against people of certain groups, which results in underrepresentation. These issues involve specific and deliberate actions to avoid hiring employees of these groups, whereas generalunder representation may result from other factors that are not as direct. Many forms of discrimination involve treating a person differently because she looks different than the other employees, typically due to race. It may also involve the refusal to hire an employee because she has different religion or sexual orientation than the hiring manager.

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