Who Distributes Toolbox Talks?

Toolbox Talks comprise informal group discussions that revolve around safety issues at the workplace or at a job site, according to Harvard Environmental Health & Safety. These discussions typically focus on one specific safety issue, and departments can use handouts and training tools to supplement regular discussions. Companies may use Toolbox Talks periodically, such as every day or every week, to promote safety.

As of 2015, construction companies can find more than 70 examples of Toolbox Talks topics through the website of the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. Topics include general safety, protecting the public, effects of weather, personal protective equipment and the use of tools. Contractors and construction site managers may wish to discuss what to do about falling injuries, electrical hazards, excavation safety, fire protection and vehicle safety.

Examples of Toolbox Talks topics at the office range from ergonomics while sitting at computers to means of egress safety, notes Harvard. Office staff can also discuss lifting safety, office moves, safety signage, snow removal and winter driving. Harvard's website contains PDF files for handout materials.

Some agencies may have Toolbox Talks based on certain times of year, explains Independent Electrical Contractors. In January, one safety discussion may center around winter driving, while in July a group of workers could train on ways to avoid heat stress. Special electrical safety topics range from wearing goggles and gloves to repairing electrical cords.