How Do You Disenroll in Medicare?


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To disenroll in Medicare part A, you need to fill out the required form and send it to your local Social Security office, says Bernard Health. Other sections of Medicare have their own requirements when you want to drop coverage.

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Disenrolling from Medicare Part A involves sending in the CMS form 1763, according to Bernard Health. This form, the Request for Termination of Premium Hospital and Medical Insurance, needs to be brought into or mailed to the local Social Security Administration office. If you disenroll after being automatically enrolled when you turned 65, you need to pay back any benefits or money you received from Social Security. It is possible to re-enroll at a later date if desired.

To drop Medicare Part B, you need to fill out the same form, but specify you are dropping part B only, says AARP. Bring it to your local Social Security office, or mail it in. Fill out the information during a personal interview with a representative from Social Security, either on the phone or in person. This is to ensure you want to drop the coverage. If you decide to re-enroll later, there may be a late penalty or other fees.

Medicare Part D is the drug coverage plan, and is a little different for disenrolling, says Medicare. To drop this coverage, you must wait until the open enrollment period. This is between October 15th and December 7th of each year, as of January 2016.

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