How Do You Get Discounts on Groceries?

Some ways to get discounts on groceries include using coupons, signing up for store loyalty rewards programs, taking advantage of weekly sales with free-item offers and using price matching when possible. Users can get larger discounts by stacking coupons and presenting multiple copies of them when checking out, states

Shoppers can get discounts by printing online coupons for products on their grocery lists or looking for these coupons in their local weekly newspaper. In addition, stores sometimes have their own coupons that can be used along with manufacturers' coupons. One strategy for getting a discount is to combine store coupons, such as those with a set amount off the total purchase, along with manufacturers' coupons for individual items, mentions

Joining a store loyalty rewards program is another way to get grocery discounts, as these programs can come with special pricing on items, custom offers and digital coupons for the kinds of items the customer buys frequently. Another advantage of these programs is that customers may be able to track their savings on the store's website.

Customers can also get discounts by taking advantage of offers that award a free item when a certain number is purchased. One example is a buy-two-get-one-free offer that some grocery stores have.

Finally, customers can check if their local grocery stores offer price matching on items. This can lead to a discount, especially when combined with store-specific coupons and offers.