What Are Disadvantages of Management Information Systems?

disadvantages-management-information-systems Credit: Monty Rakusen/Cultura/Getty Images

According to azcentral.com, some of the disadvantages associated with such systems include privacy, security, employee assessment, user error and downtime. The Houston Chronicle indicates that other disadvantages usually accompany information systems, such as high cost of technology and the hiring of a specialist to manage the system. These disadvantages are extremely prohibitive for small businesses.

According to azcentral.com, privacy is a major disadvantage of most HR management systems, as the risk of a breach into the privacy of business officials, management and employees is increased because of such systems. The security of the information in HR systems is also a major disadvantage as the information stored digitally in servers can be hacked and the company's private information, such as future HR strategies, accessed by hackers.

Such systems are also prone to attacks by viruses that may damage the integrity of sensitive company information. Management information systems are prone to user errors that might occur on a large scale and even disrupt the operations of the company by affecting critical data such as the salary increases of employees. The risk of possible downtime is inherent to all management information systems, and this may have a significant negative impact on a company's operations.