What Are the Disadvantages of Living in an Efficiency Apartment?


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One disadvantage of living in an efficiency apartment is increased stress due to crowding, according to The Atlantic. An efficiency apartment's lack of space also makes it difficult for an occupant to express his personal taste and create a relaxing environment.

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When coupled with overcrowded common areas, a small apartment leads to a feeling of claustrophobia for a resident, reports The Atlantic. Crowding-related stress has the potential to increase domestic violence and substance abuse. Children experiencing a lack of privacy due to overcrowded situations potentially experience difficulty concentrating and studying and may become withdrawn.

Roommates who share small spaces are potentially more irritable due to coordinating activities with each other on a constant basis, Apartment Guide explains. A surplus of small apartments leads to an overcrowded community, creating a stressful and irritable environment.

Apartments of any size have other disadvantages, including the possibility of loud and unruly neighbors, advises SFGate. Apartment renters are also subject to restrictions regarding the rental unit, and rental payments are subject to increases at the end of the lease term. In addition, renters do not have any ownership benefits such as tax privileges associated with owning a home or the ability to earn equity in a home.

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