What Are Some of the Disadvantages of Humana Medicare Advantage?

Some disadvantages of Humana Medicare Advantage are its high administrative costs and reduced benefits, states CBS News. Another disadvantage is the company's underwriting discipline, which means that only those people who are unlikely to have expensive medical conditions are accepted and covered.

Humana Medicare Advantage is a private Medicare plan that combines medical and drug insurance and a medigap policy, explains Kiplinger. One of the attractive parts of this plan is that it supposedly has lower premiums. It is also one of the largest on the market and has high ratings, says Amac.

Despite its few good points, Humana Medicare Advantage can end up costing customers more money than more traditional policies, according to Kiplinger. Lower premiums are offset by higher out-of-pocket costs and higher copayments. Some health care items that Medicare traditionally covers are not covered under private advantage plans, and customers have to pay much of the out-of-pocket expense for hospitalizations or chemotherapy. Traveling out of states and retaining medical coverage can also be tricky.

Other downsides to Humana is that it increased premiums for those enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid and military plans while cutting benefits, explains CBS News. Members with advantage plans that previously had no premiums are getting charged premiums although the company itself is subsidized by the federal government.