What Are the Disadvantages to Buying Livestock Equipment That Is Used?


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Some of the disadvantages to buying used livestock equipment are a shorter life expectancy on the equipment, the possibility of future malfunctions and the lack of a manufacturer's warranty. Used livestock equipment may also contain hidden problems such as mechanical issues that may result in high repair costs.

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One of the biggest issues with purchasing used livestock equipment is that it generally is not as durable as new equipment, due to the varying degrees of use from previous owners. This means that there is no guarantee on how long the equipment may function before it breaks or experiences other issues that require maintenance. Similarly, used equipment often requires more maintenance sooner after the purchase, which increases its overall cost. If the equipment is older, it may also require special parts that are more expensive than those in newer models, or simply harder to find.

In some cases, it may not be possible to obtain a repair history for the equipment, meaning the buyer has no way of knowing the actual state of the machine, if it has any replacement parts and how long those parts may last. Used livestock equipment also does not commonly carry a warranty. This means that the buyer has no mode of recourse with the manufacturer in the event of a malfunction. If the equipment does have a warranty, the manufacturer may also claim that the issue is a result of poor usage from the previous owner and deny the claim.

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