What Are the Disadvantages of Being a Registered Nurse?

According to NurseCareerTips.com, the disadvantages of being a registered nurse include working long hours, performing physically and psychologically demanding work, and dealing firsthand with patients who are victims of accidents, violence or disease. Some nurses are also required to work undesirable shifts, weekends or holidays, according to Campus Explorer, Inc.

There are many physical demands associated with being a registered nurse. Education.com states that registered nurses spend the majority of their days on their feet, which sometimes leads to foot, leg and back problems. In addition, nurses are often required to lift and transfer patients and equipment, according to NurseCareerTips.com.

Long hours are often required of a registered nurse. NurseCareerTips.com states that nurses are required to work beyond their scheduled shifts at times and sometimes for more than 40 hours per week, especially in areas where nurses are in short supply. In many facilities, nurses work 12 hour shifts, according to Education.com.

Being a registered nurse is also psychologically demanding, as nurses deal with issues such as illness, violence, accidents and death on a regular basis. According to Education.com, helping people through these difficult situations is very taxing on a nurse. It is important for nurses to have the ability to separate these stressful situations from their personal lives and to take adequate personal time to relax.