What Are the Disadvantages of Advertising?

The disadvantages of advertising vary depending on the form of advertising used, but can include ineffective use of advertising images, difficulty qualifying return investment numbers, difficulty choosing the most appropriate channel for advertising, audiences declining on television advertising, high CPM costs and the use of DVRs leading to fewer people viewing commercials. When companies invest in advertising, they need to look at both the advantages and the disadvantages involved in each format to choose the most appropriate advertising channels for success.

The advertising world is always changing, since ways of media consumption are always changing. The newest avenue for advertising in the modern age has been social media. Social media is now seen as an advertising avenue that has both advantages and disadvantages, but which must be embraced. Part of the reason for this is that social media is a much less costly avenue than other advertising revenues, although it may not return as much in revenue.

For businesses and companies looking to embrace the social media world despite the disadvantages, they should focus on creating a department or designating the social media role to a particular employee. This is the best way for the brand to respond to industry developments as they happen, to deliver immediate customer service via social media, to create on-point and targeted social media content and to communicate with others in social media to build brand loyalty.