How Do You Find a Directory of Walk-in Medical Clinics?

How Do You Find a Directory of Walk-in Medical Clinics?

There are a number of online directories of walk-in medical clinics and urgent care centers. Some example websites include Urgent Care Locations, the Best Urgent Care Directory and the Urgent Care Association of America.

As of December 2015, Urgent Care Locations has a nationwide directory of over 9,500 urgent care centers. Users can search for an urgent care center by entering a local city and state, or a zip code.

The Best Urgent Care Directory has a nationwide database of urgent care centers as well, and the website lists common health problems and injuries treated, ranging from allergies to vomiting.

Some urgent care centers such as MedExpress also have online searches for branded care centers in the area.

The Urgent Care Association of America's search page offers searching worldwide for urgent care centers. The website is primarily intended to search for urgent care centers that are UCAOA accredited or certified, although search options without certification are also possible.