How Do You Get Digital Coupons for City Market?

As of 2015, City Market customers can get digital coupons by signing up for the store's Value Card program and selecting the coupons from the store's official website's digital coupons page, notes In addition to store coupons, other websites such as have manufacturers' coupons shoppers can use at City Market.

City Market's digital coupons page features coupons in categories including cleaning products, automotive, groceries, health and beauty products, gift cards, electronics, home decor, seasonal goods, pet products, tobacco products and photos. In addition to sorting by category, users can search by brand or sort coupons based on their date, relevance and savings amounts.

After joining the Value Card program and signing up for an account on the City Market website, users can simply click the button on the desired coupon to load it to their accounts. At the time of purchase, users present their cards for the coupons to be active at checkout. Some terms for using these digital coupons as of 2015 are that only one can be used per item, up to 150 can be loaded on the card and these coupons cannot be combined with those from other sources, such as paper coupons, notes

For items that do not have coupons available on the City Market website, shoppers can try using, which lets users add coupons to the Value Card or print them out.