What Are Some DIG Irrigation System Options?

What Are Some DIG Irrigation System Options?

Some of DIG's irrigation system options include solar-powered controllers, battery operated controllers, drip lines and drip irrigation systems. The company provides irrigation systems for agricultural, professional use and home use.

Homeowners can get DIG's vegetable drip kits and micro-sprinkler kits that consume very little water in the home. The kit comes complete with a garden hose, a faucet, a pipe and a riser. Homeowners can also get ambient light-powered controllers and drip emitters for home use.

DIG's driplines are ideal for professional use, as they have check valves that prevent the system from drawing in debris and sand particles into the drip line. The check valves also ensure there is no vacuum in the system.

DIG's driplines for professional use are made from high quality resins to ensure protection from ultraviolet rays. They use a system that ensures they emit water uniformly at all times. The company also produces multi-outlet drip manifolds, drip emitters and battery-operated controllers for professional use.

Driplines for agricultural use are made from high-quality polyethylene resin that makes them resistant to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. The materials can also withstand the fertilizers and chemicals used in agriculture. Each emitter has turbulent flow passages and outlets on opposite sides to reduce clogging.