What Are the Different Ways to Endorse a Check?


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Some different ways to endorse a check include signing the check, adding the account number with the endorsement and signing it over to someone else. To sign a check over to someone else when endorsing it, include a note such as “Pay to the order of” with the name of the recipient, instructs About.com.

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The simplest and most basic way to endorse a check is signing the back of the check with your name, explains About.com. The risk with using this method is that if the person signing the check endorses it prior to arriving at the bank for the deposit, it might accidentally fall into the wrong hands. To reduce this risk, sign it with your name, write “For deposit only to account,” and add your bank account number. If someone else gets it, that person won’t be able to deposit it into a different account.

It is also possible to sign the check over to another person. Signing a check over to someone is a way of paying them or giving them money from a check given to you. When the person goes to deposit this check, he endorses it with his signature and deposits it into his own account, notes About.com.

For a check addressed to more than one person, all people might need to sign it, according to About.com. This depends on the wording of the check. If the word “and” appears when listing names, everyone has to endorse the check.

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