Are There Different Varieties of Silver Certificates From 1935?


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Types of 1935 silver certificates include regular issues, varieties 1935A through 1935H, experimental red R and S notes -- designated regular and special paper -- and Hawaii and North Africa issues. However, regular issue and 1935A through 1935H comprise 99 percent of 1935 silver certificates issued.

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Regular issue and 1935A through 1935H carry a value of about $1.50 in average circulated condition, with star notes fetching around $3. Red R and S notes typically sell for $50 in average condition and up to $250 if uncirculated. Hawaii notes are marked with the state name in black print and range from $15 in circulated to $120 or more in uncirculated condition. North Africa notes bear a yellow seal and range from $25 to $150 on the trading block.

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