What Are Some Different Varieties of Dekalb Corn Seed?

Monsanto manufactures many types of Dekalb brand corn seeds and seed blends, including Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete, Genuity VT Double PRO RIB Complete, Genuity VT Triple PRO RIB Complete, Genuity DroughtGard Hybrid and YieldGaurd VT Triple. The seed options vary in insect and weed resistance, moisture needs and growing time.

All of the seed brands are usually available in a variety of maturity lengths, ranging from around 90 days to 120 days for the planting-to-harvest cycle. The range of seed selection is designed to help farmers pick the characteristics needed for their particular field's growing conditions.

The Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete seeds represent the maximum genetically engineered options. It has built-in defenses for most types of field insects and weeds. It also has five-percent refuge corn seed blended into each bag, so no special planting techniques are required.

The VT Double and Triple PRO products lack the invasive weed defense but focus on root and ear pests along with increased yield options. They also come as blends with refuge seed contents of 5 and 95 percent respectively.

DroughtGard Hybrids are specially formulated for reduced water requirements, and the YieldGard VT Triple variety provides single-mode pest protection but focuses on increased root construction to improve moisture and nutrient absorption.