What Are Some Different Types of Warehouse Logistic Jobs?

What Are Some Different Types of Warehouse Logistic Jobs?

Some different types of warehouse logistic jobs include logistics managers, logistics coordinators, buyers, export and important specialists and logistics analysts. Many of these warehouse logistic positions require experience and an associate's or bachelor's degree, notes AdeccoUSA.com.

Logistics managers are responsible for overseeing the warehouse and logistics, monitoring stock levels, making sure delivery times are met, directing the order cycle and negotiating with those who receive the company's stock, states Workable.com. They also manage the logistics workforce, ensure compliance and pay attention to metrics.

Logistics coordinators work to make sure customers are satisfied with their deliveries, orders meet quality standards and enough workers are available. They might also handle budgeting and help determine which transportation routes are most efficient, notes AlchemyRecruitment.com.

Buyers are responsible for getting the materials needed. This involves making purchases of the equipment and supplies the warehouse needs, along with non-physical items like advertising.

Export and import specialists are responsible for making sure that the company adheres to all laws regarding imports and exports, both domestic laws and those abroad. This means filling out the documents needed for shipments.

Finally, logistics analysts look at the warehouse's operations to find ways to organize it more effectively. For example, they may suggest ways for the company to use its employees, facilities and equipment more effectively.