What Are Some Different Types of IT Services?

different-types-services Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Some different types of information technology services include network security, network administration, data management and recovery, end-user console management and email administration. Many IT companies and departments also offer specialized support services for specific devices, operating systems or internal programs, which may include training and maintenance.

Network security is a common area within the IT field, as it involves the creation of specific protocols and systems to protect the users on an company's Internet connection. This may involve installing anti-virus software, maintaining a corporate VPN or creating a list of restricted websites.

The IT department also monitors the network for any security risks and helps respond to threats as necessary. Similarly, many IT departments also offer network administration services, which typically include the initial setup of wired and wireless Internet connections, the management of all access credentials, and the monitoring of network usage to identify any inappropriate behavior or latency in the system.

Many IT services also work directly with employees to set up work stations, grant access to company software, and troubleshoot a variety of issues. The IT department also creates and manages company email accounts and lists. It is also common for an IT company to help businesses manage data, both through cloud storage and on proprietary servers. This may also include scheduling data backups and rolling back servers in the event of data loss.