What Are the Different Types of Roscoe Medical Equipment?


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Roscoe Medical sells a diverse line of medical equipment and supplies, including products for aerosol therapy, asthma control, daily living support, exercise and rehabilitation, pain management, infection control, pressure prevention and personal care. The company also offers replacement parts and accessories for various medical equipment. As of 2015, Roscoe Medical is also the sole distributor of CleveMed's SleepView Monitor, states Cleveland Medical Devices.

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Roscoe Medical is a provider of healthcare equipment and medical supplies in the United States. Its product line caters to patients in need of home care or those who require health care for an extended period of time, notes Bloomberg. The company offers walkers, canes and crutches, equipment bags and covers, medical gas products, pulse oximeters, rollators, seat lifts, specialty scooters, wheelchairs, respiratory products and continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, equipment.

Roscoe Medical's line of CPAP merchandise include CPAP filters, CPAP headgear, CPAP masks, CPAP tubing, CPAP systems and humidification devices, CPAP accessories and sleep study products, based on the catalog provided at Roscoe Medical.

In 2013, CleveMed entered into a partnership with Roscoe Medical to market its SleepView Monitor, which is clinically proven and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This medical tool is a portable device that enables patients to easily perform self examinations for sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, in the comfort of their homes. The SleepView Monitor is certified under the guidelines set by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

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