What Are Different Types of Professional Letters to Staff Members?


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Different types of professional letters to staff members include internal memorandums about company proceedings, letters of acknowledgement for a specific action, letters of reprimand or notification letters regarding policy changes. Other types of letters can include resignation letters, complaint letters or warning letters from a manager or supervisor.

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Many companies send memorandum letters to update staff members on particular activities, such as upcoming corporate events or changes in deadlines for a specific project. These letters can range in degree of formality, sometimes appearing as short notes or emails.

Some managers send letters of acknowledgement to a group of employees to thank them for actions taken on behalf of a company. These letters can come from direct supervisors, executive team members or other managers and frequently explain the benefit the employee's actions have for the company.

Managers can also send letters of reprimand or warning to employees who fail to follow company guidelines or meet job performance expectations. These letters can appear in response to specific actions taken against the company or an employee, such as in cases of harassment.

When an employee or manager resigns, that individual may send a letter of resignation to the entire staff. This may also be used by a team leader who leaves a company to thank team members for their work.

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