What Are Some Different Types of Plastic Label Holders?

What Are Some Different Types of Plastic Label Holders?

Different types of plastic label holders include adhesive strips and plastic pouches backed with magnets, both designed to hold labels on metal shelves and cabinets. Plastic brackets to fit on wooden shelves are also available, as well as plastic label holders that snap into bins.

Uline Label Holder Strips are backed with adhesive, and their width and length is fully customizable up to 8 1/2 by 11 inches. Cut the strip to the desired dimensions, peel the strip from the back, and press firmly to a metal surface. Load labels from the bottom.

Pan Co.'s Slap-Stick Magnetic Label Holders are perfect for organizing filing cabinets. The plastic covering is made of clear, durable vinyl, while the magnetic backing is strong enough to withstand repositioning. These are sold in packs of 10 and come with printable inserts.

Retail Resource's Clear Shelf Label Holders are ideal for wooden shelves that are 5/8 to 3/4 inch thick. The plastic is a clear butyrate, and labels are inserted into the holder before being placed on the shelf.

Grainger's Snap-In Label Holders are made of clear PVC and come with inserts for laser printers. They are 1-inch high and 1/32-inch wide, with a length of 3 inches. To use, print a label and insert it into the plastic holder. Snap the holder into place on the bin. They are sold in packages of 25 and fit standard bins.