What Are Some Different Types of Moving Services?


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There are two main types of moving services: full-service and self-service movers. Full-service movers handle all of the aspects of the move, while self-service movers only drive the moving truck to its destination. There are also companies that rent moving trucks for do-it-yourself moves.

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Full-service movers provide all of the services needed to move everything in a house from one point to another. This includes packing items into boxes; loading the boxes, furniture and appliances into a moving truck; driving the truck to the new location and unloading everything. Most full-service moving companies provide boxes for the move and insurance for the customer’s belongings with the price of the move.

Self-service movers require that the customer packs his own belongings and loads everything onto the moving truck. The mover then drives the truck to the customer’s new location. Self-service moves are cheaper, and this type of move also allows the customer greater control over packing and loading than full-service moves, but requires more work on the part of the customer.

Companies also rent out moving trucks. When customers choose this option, the customer is responsible for packing, loading, driving the truck to the new location and unloading his belongings. The do-it-yourself move is usually the cheapest alternative.

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