What Are the Different Types of Menards Credit Cards?

What Are the Different Types of Menards Credit Cards?

The types of Menards credit cards available are the Big card, the contractor card and the commercial card, as of February 2015. The Big card allows applicants to apply online, at a store kiosk or by mail. The contractor and commercial cards allow kiosk or mail applications.

The Menards Big card, designed for consumers, offers a 2 percent rebate for purchases at Menards and affiliated retailers. Certain brands also carry an additional rebate for a certain percent of the purchase. The percentage varies based on the brand. The additional rebate is added to the 2 percent rebate, and rebates are received quarterly.

The Menards contractor card offers the same 2 percent rebate as the Big card, and certain brands carry an additional rebate amount. A card holder for this card is assigned a Menards account service manager and receives free estimates for jobs. Spending enough money with this card annually qualifies a card holder for money towards an air fare ticket.

The Menards commercial card, designed for businesses, also comes with a Menards account service manager. Additional cards can be set up for employees of the business, and card holders get next-day delivery service every day.

All Menards credit card accounts can be managed online.