What Are Some Different Types of Lifeline Equipment?


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Some types of lifeline equipment include engineered and pre-engineered horizontal lifelines, temporary horizontal lifelines, overhead fixed-track lifelines, dead-weight anchors and vertical lifelines, according to Simplified Safety. Fall arrest system lifelines generally include a fall arrest harness and anchor points. All lifelines should be installed by a trained professional.

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What Are Some Different Types of Lifeline Equipment?
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Tailored to individual specifications, engineered horizontal lifelines are crafted to minimize the weight on the roof if a worker falls, explains Simplified Safety. They can be used for maneuvering around corners and on different building shapes. While built to specifications, they typically accommodate three workers.

Overhead fixed-track lifelines, also known as rigid-track lifelines, are suitable for low clearance fall areas and provide fall arrest protection, states Fall Proof. With wheels encased in a metal channel, horizontal fixed-track lifelines move back and forth on a trolley system. Using the moving bridge feature, a worker moves on one axis while the contraption itself moves on another. A worker connects one end of the self-retracting lifeline to himself and the other end to a D-ring on the trolley.

Vertical lifelines consist of an anchor, a connector device, lanyard, lifeline and rope grab, notes Engineered Fall Protection. They can be classified as permanent, temporary and vertical rail.

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