What Are the Different Types of Kiosks?

Types of kiosks include touch screen, computer and security kiosks. They not only help businesses highlight their services and products but also generate more revenue from the sale of the same services or products.

Touch screen kiosks have touch screen interfaces similar to computer screens. The touch screen functionality makes it easier for clients to access them. Touch screen options are especially popular in the retail sector or places that have lots of traffic. Music stores, stations and shopping malls are just a few examples of business locations that use these types of kiosks. These machines are also available in a variety of languages, allowing individuals from diverse backgrounds to access them easily.

Computer kiosks contain integrated housing units that are either mobile or stationary. These kiosks are also available with or without a touch screen. Those without the touch screen usually have a keyboard that allows users to input information. Computer kiosks are mostly found at stations that provide information about a new product or service launch, or for providing customer support. These kiosks are also customizable to suit the requirements of a particular industry or business.

Security or visitor management kiosks enable visitors to check-in inside high-security zones such as offices and schools. They offer an efficient means of tracking visitor movement, running background checks and printing access badges. Some security kiosks also include personal identification authentication functions, such as iris scanners, fingerprint scanners and palm vein scanners.