What Are Some Different Types of John Deere Tractors?

John Deere offers several different types of tractors, including four-wheel-drive tractors, row-crop tractors, utility tractors, compact utility tractors and track tractors, as of 2015. The company manufactures several different lines of tractors within each type, with different models featuring various amounts of horsepower in order to handle larger work loads.

One of the most abundant tractor types available from John Deere is its line of utility tractors. These tractors allow users to accomplish a wide range of farming and landscaping tasks. Each tractor series within this type has numerous models with different engine sizes and the capability to attach different equipment. For example, the 5E Series features two different lines that come with different configurations. Some tractors in the 5E Series feature a standard bulldozer front attachment, but this line is smaller than the other lines and thus ideal for use over smaller areas of land. The other tractors in the line come without any attachments and are more suitable for general riding or customization.

John Deere's line of row-crop tractors are typically larger in size and feature greater horsepower for use with more challenging tasks. The same is true for its four-wheel-drive tractors. Customers are able to customize all the tractors sold by the company, either by using an online tool to build the ideal model or by working with a sales associate to create a custom package.