What Are the Different Types of Irrigation?

The different types of irrigation include surface irrigation, localized irrigation, ditch irrigation, sprinkler system and center pivot irrigation. The main idea behind irrigation is to use the minimum amount of water possible to take care of lawns or gardens. Water is an indispensable resource that needs to be conserved properly.

Surface irrigation is the most common form of irrigation. Also known as flood irrigation, it uses gravity to distribute water. Surface irrigation is not as efficient as other forms because it relies on completely saturating the surface. Sprinkler or overhead irrigation is commonly used in parks and golf courses. Water is piped to one point in the field and distributed by overhead sprinklers. Center pivot irrigation is also a form of sprinkler irrigation. It involves steel or aluminum pipes joined together and mounted on wheeled towers. The tower moves through the field distributing water to the lawn or farm. Another common method is ditch irrigation, but it is a traditional method. It requires digging out ditches and then seedlings are planted in a row. Water is distributed by placing canals in between rows of plants. This irrigation was once popular, but modern systems have quickly replaced it in many parts of the world.