What Are Different Types of Farm Fuel Storage Tanks?

What Are Different Types of Farm Fuel Storage Tanks?

The two types of farm fuel storage tanks are underground fuel tanks and above-ground fuel tanks. Each type of tank has its own unique advantages and drawbacks.

The main advantages of underground fuel tanks are that they save space, are convenient and can hold large amounts of fuel. Their limited exposure also keeps them safer from accidents and vandals.

One major disadvantage of an underground fuel storage tank is the risk of water and soil contamination in the event of a fuel leak. Many farm owners also tend to abandon their underground tanks when they switch to different storage systems or relocate. Cleaning up underground fuel storage tanks can also be expensive.

The main advantages of above-ground fuel storage tanks are they are easier to relocate, easier to detect leaks and easier to remove when selling the farm or switching to a different fuel storage system.

However, above-ground fuel storage tanks are susceptible to damage from vehicles, especially if located in a high-traffic area. The tanks are easier to access by trespassers and vandals who may deface or damage the tanks. The tanks are also exposed to shifting ground and high winds, and they may be damaged if not mounted securely to the ground.