What Are Some Different Types of Employment Personality Tests?


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Aside from standard personality tests, there are also biographical data tests, cognitive ability tests and integrity tests. These all test some portion of a candidate’s personality as it relates to the job for which she is applying.

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The standard personality tests look at multiple areas of candidates' personalities, including how agreeable they are, if they are optimistic and positive, what their stress tolerance levels are, and if they are emotionally stable. They also measure behavioral traits and interpersonal interactions. Other areas of personalities can be tested with a biographical data test. This looks at their creativity, extraversion and general attitude about work.

There is also the cognitive ability test, which looks at reading comprehension, reasoning and logic. It puts the candidate through different scenarios to see what choices she would make. It not only looks at her ability to handle various situations, but the answers often show personality traits such as common sense and problem solving. Integrity tests look at a person’s social behavior, reliability, dependability, honesty and trustworthiness. Employers may consider these important personality traits to have in a candidate. The questions relate to integrity and ethics in general and specific questions as they relate to the job. Some questions reveal a candidate's level of honesty.

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