What Are Some Different Types of Dismissal Forms?


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Some different types of dismissal forms include fair and unfair dismissal, voluntary dismissal and wrongful dismissal. Dismissals are normally a last resort for employers and must be conducted without prejudice towards the employee, so employers will often seek help with human resources to ensure everything is within legal standards.

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Fair dismissal is conducted when an employer has justifiable reason for the dismissal of the employee. Often an employer will state conduct, capability or qualifications as reasons for fair dismissal. For employees who know their employer is considering dismissal, it is possible for the employee to submit a voluntary dismissal. A voluntary dismissal is considered fair and will not be able to be challenged if the voluntary decision is later changed.

Unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal are often confused due to the employee being dismissed with false information. Wrongful dismissal occurs when the employee is dismissed due to the employer breaching the terms of employment, whereas an unfair dismissal is when the employee has not been informed of the reasoning behind the dismissal. Wrongful and unfair dismissal cases may cost an employer a lot of money and can be a lengthy process if the matter can not be resolved by other means before getting to this point, according to Total Jobs.

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