What Are Some Different Types of Contract Templates?

Different types of contract templates include car selling contracts, payment agreement contracts, partnership agreements, business associate agreements and participating business contracts. These contracts are available to download in Word and PDF format from both the Printable Contracts and Tidy Forms websites.

The Printable Contracts websites categorizes its contracts by popularity, warranties, event contracts, health and medical directives, household services and job contracts. Within each category is the specific contract type. For instance, warranties include basic warranty of habitability, express warranty and limited warranty. Event contracts include event planner contracts, venue hire agreements and performance contracts. Health and medical directive contracts relate to a release of medical records, durable power of attorney and consent for organ donation. Contract templates are available for download in .DOC format.

Tidy Forms offers additional contracts in categories such as employment contracts, service contracts, land contracts and rental contracts. Standard templates are available in PDF format. Users can then customize the contracts accordingly after printing. Some of the information to customize includes relevant dates, contact information for related parties, and description of goods to deliver or services to render. Contracts are available for business, education, finance and legal purposes. Visitors can also use the custom search feature on the Tidy Forms website to search for a specific contract.